ajwa dates

Our unroasted Ajwa Date Seed Powder is an all natural source of dietary fibers, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and many more. It is proven for heart health and fixing high cholesterol. Eat daily for best results.

Made with fresh 100% authenticated ajwa seeds from Medina. A special NutraSelect designed process allows us to produce ajwa seed powder that is granulated perfectly to consumable size. With special care, we are able to provide fresh authentic ajwa seed powder that retains all of its essential nutrients/oils with unmatched quality by any other. 

We made consuming ajwa seed powder easy.  Take easy to consume capsules or take 2 scoops (mini spoon included) of powder daily, swallow with water / drink of your choice or eat it on salad, mixed with yogurt, or whichever way you enjoy

Ajwa Date (Kajoor) has been cultivated in the city of Medina, Saudi Arabia for thousands of years. Known for its delicious taste and nutritious properties, Ajwa date and its seed is a specialty which has strong roots. Most notably known to be mentioned by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the Hadith, the Ajwa flesh and seed are regarded as a magical healer. With honourable mention and historic roots, 100% pure Ajwa date seed powder is now made available for you to benefit. 

Ajwa date & seed are being scientifically studied for their heath benefits in universities / labs all around the world. With consistent positive results and peer reviewed paper submissions, Ajwa date seed powder shows promising results for the future. As more studies / testing is done on Ajwa seed powder, it is becoming popular and consumed all around the world. We believe in the power of all natural resources and science is showing us how ! 

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ajwa dates
ajwa dates



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Approved and licensed by Health Canada 

Approved and licensed by Health Canada 

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Ajwa is a special type of date fruit which has been popularly cultivated in Medina for thousands of years. Well known for its rich nutritional & historical value, ajwa date is one of the most popular and expensive type of dates available. The seed found inside the date is packed with nutrients/oil that make it a simple healthy supplement for your daily activities.  



Using authenticated ajwa date seeds from Medina, a special NutraSelect designed process allows us to produce ajwa seed powder that is naturally granulated to the perfect consumable size. With special care, we are able to provide fresh ajwa seed powder that retains all of its essential nutrients and oils.Our powder is processed in Canada and is Licensed by Health Canada. 



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