Ajwa Date Seed Powder Capsules

Ajwa Date Seed Powder Capsules


Fresh Ajwa Date Seed Powder 

In veggie capsules for easy consumption.


NutraSelect special all-natural process provides you ajwa date seed powder that is:


Fresh - Freshness matters ! Enjoy our powder knowing it is freshly ready just for you.   

Unroasted - We never roast our seeds so you get all the essential nutrients ajwa seeds offer.

Premium Quality - NutraSelect stands behind their products. We guarantee premium quality because health deserves no compromise.  


NutraSelect Ajwa Date Seed Powder provides health benefits for your: 

Heart - Brain - Liver - Kindneys 


Ajwa Date (Phoenix Dactylifera) offers:

  • Antioxidant Properties 
  • High Dietary Fibre Content 
  • Support For Cardiovascular Health 
  • Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial, Anti-carcinogenic